Method Studios

Case Study: Born Fighters

Here's how we drove awareness and generosity for Heart Kids NZ for awareness month.


Auckland Virtual Tours

Case Study: Unitec. Think. Do

An interactive virtual reality experience that also tracks engagement levels by measuring people's brainwaves.


QMS Commuter Network 360

Case Study: Wynyard Quarter Smart

See how we brought Wynyard Quarter's sustainability vision and framework to life.


Unitec Think.Do Challenge

The Future of You

Case Study: The Boy and the Lemon Augmented and Virtual Reality

The Boy and the Lemon is a children's story about luck. It's a mission to teach children life's most magical lesson: how to be lucky. We’ve made the story experience even more magic with augmented and virtual reality.


Acacia Cove

Case Study: Quickest Little Wicket


Write to Santa

Case Study: Panasonic Rogue One

Here's how we implemented a nationwide Christmas sales promotion for Panasonic NZ around Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.


VR Delivery Challenge

Phoenix Medcare

Twinings Brighten Someone's Day

Frank Accounting Branding

Heart Kids Branding


Queens Wharf Website

Peugeot Let Your Body Drive


Emirates Selfie

Smith & Smith



Dot Kiwi

Qantas Fastest Packer

Regal Salmon


Samsung Insider

Service Star

Guinness Pint Master

Acacia Cove Brochure

Panuku - brand video

Secret Santa Service

Unitec Think.Do Experience

Carson Risk

Heart Kids Video

Pannu & Co


Wynyard Quarter

WQ Smart Launch Video

Harrison Grierson

Frank Accounting

TVNZ Media Portal

Sovereign Rockstar

Unitec. Think. Do

Sovereign Take Charge

Q Card Choc a Block

Honda Pioneer

Samsung T-Rex

Meet me for a Moccona

Bell Tea Adventures

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