Method Studios

We’re more than just
pretty interfaces.

We strive for exceptional results

We're not the new kids on the block, in fact we’ve been working with brands and businesses to solve problems and bring ideas to life since 2003.

Our mission was to educate and challenge the status quo. It wasn’t just about making pretty stuff, either. It was about making an impact and creating unforgettable brand experiences. We blended art and tech with smart thinking to create unique digital experiences in an overlooked medium in the country.

We’ve seen the online industry move from niche to mainstream, and watched media like search, social, big data, machine learning and virtual reality emerge as the industry grows. We’ve honed our strategic skills to near Jedi level and take pride in knowing what works, what doesn’t, and what’ll push the envelope and pay off.

Technology, audiences and talent change constantly and we move right along with them. We don’t just keep up with technology. We embrace it, live it and breathe it. We know what businesses want, where consumers talk and how best to get the results you’re looking for.

Sound good? Let's go.
Sam Ramlu Eugene Eastlake Rhian Bedford-Palmer Erika Turnbull Tnaya Smith Nick Peek Danillo Castilho Ben Blurb Jc Fowles Jc Fowles
Sam Ramlu Eugene Eastlake Rhian Bedford-Palmer Erika Turnbull Tanya Smith Nick Peek Danillo Castilho Ben Blurb Michelle Zhong Jc Fowles
  • Our Team
  • Managing Director

    Sam has vast knowledge of the digital landscape, and knows exactly how to lead us to the most brilliant results possible. She's known for her high standards, honest approach, and the ability to relate and engage with clients. Sam’s love for fashion and gaming has taken a back seat with a hands on toddler now in the mix which is proving to be much more fun and rewarding.

  • Creative Director

    Euge heads up Method's creative and development teams and has a knack for creating the perfect user experience. He really wants to be an astronaut, but spends far too long playing games and surfing the net to make it happen. Luckily, his 14 years of ‘Old Skool' experience leads to fantastic creative output that would be wasted if he were actually in space.

  • Senior Account manager

    Having run the social media accounts for some of NZ's most recognised brands, Rhian has a knack for creating campaigns and content that connect with fans and drives results. She thrives on delivering excellent project management, and does it with a huge smile and a large dose of passion. At home you'll find her mainly in the kitchen - cooking up a storm, glass of wine in hand!

  • Senior Account Manager

    Erika knows what drives results in the online space. She loves social media, and believes it's a great way to engage customers and create brand loyalty. She's managed, planned and placed online media for clients here and across the ditch, and is committed to delivering the best results in every campaign. Erika loves travelling, particularly to anywhere warm.

  • Account Director

    Tanya knows how to create strong brands having worked on some of New Zealand’s biggest. She thrives on taking this understanding and activating it through the use of digital platforms and technologies. She loves a good spreadsheet (who doesn’t?!) and uses them to keep budgets and timelines running smoothly and efficiently. She has a passion for all things in the creative arts and, in her spare time, you might find her at a music festival, watching a film, or walking a headland to see sculpture.

  • Designer

    Having recently graduated with a degree in Communication Design, Nick is our Junior Creative here at Method. Although he takes on whatever projects come his way, whether it be branding or web design; he is currently immersing himself in the world of virtual reality and 360 video. When he doesn’t have a headset on, Nick likes to spend his spare time painting and mixing music.

  • Interface Developer

    Danillo has a large and varied background in web development and has worked on some huge brands and projects during his many years at DDB and Isobar in Brazil - Fiat, Volkswagen, Huggies, Hewlett-Packard, Samsung Electronics and Visa just to name a few! His impressive work history is backed up with some very prestigious globally recognised awards such as the D&AD, The Webby Awards, Wave Festival, Tomorrow Awards, Effie Awards, and Cannes Lions. He’s passionate about working with new technology and thrives on being creative and offering out-of the-box solutions to clients briefs. When he’s not knee deep in code you will find him playing video games, watching super hero movies and reading about science, physics, astrology and maths.

  • 3D Artist

    With a background in 3D Art, Animation and Game Design, Ben is involved in dreaming up, creating and developing a number of our interactive experiences on mobile, virtual reality, and augmented reality. He’s passionate about producing high-quality visual assets which give the user a memorable and real-life experience and he is constantly seeking bigger and more exciting projects to work on. Outside of work, he’s an obsessive gamer, sci-fi enthusiast, and plays paintball whenever he gets the chance.

  • Front End Developer

    Michelle is the junior front end developer at Method. She graduated with a degree in Web Interactive and has a background in graphic design. She is a fan of web animation and loves creating great looking web products. She likes reading sci-fi, sketching animals and swimming in her spare time.

  • Game developer

    JC is a passionate gamer who’s intrigued by the way games can have a positive impact on people. This has led him to completing his bachelor in software engineering (game development) at Media Design School. There he found a passion for programming interactive experiences, especially in virtual reality. When he’s not in front of a computer - either playing games or programming, you’ll find JC at the paintball field playing speedball. JC won the Method directors over with his story of how he proposed to his (now) fiancé - by creating a game especially for her.

Some recognition.

Ngati Whatua Orakei Auckland Virtual Tours

The FWA - App of the Day - Mar 2018

Sam Ramlu

Idealog - Most Creative Nominee - Digital - Dec 2017

The Boy and the Lemon – AR and VR Experience - Selected for showcase

The Future of Storytelling - New York - Oct 2017


CSS Design Awards Studio of the Year Finalist - 2017

State Insurance: Click Pop Win

NZDM Awards Industry Silver - 2017

Heart Kids: Born Fighters

Vega Awards 1st Prize Charitable - 2017

Heart Kids: Born Fighters

Vega Awards 2nd Prize User Experience - 2017

WQ Smart Website

Vega Awards 1st Prize Government - 2017

WQ Smart Website

Vega Awards 2nd Prize Environmental Awareness - 2017

Wynyard Quarter

Vega Awards 2nd Prize Government - 2017

Heart Kids: Born Fighters

The Best Awards Bronze - 2016

Method Website

Awwwards Site of the Day - August 2016

Heart Kids: Born Fighters

Webby Awards Nominee 2016

Heart Kids: Born Fighters

The FWA - 2015

Heart Kids: Born Fighters

Awwwards Site of the Day - August 2015

Honda Pioneer: The Long Way

NZDM Awards Industry Gold - 2014

Honda Pioneer: The Long Way

NZDM Awards Website Bronze - 2015

Honda Pioneer: The Long Way

NZDM Awards Art Direction Excellence - 2015

Honda Pioneer: The Long Way

NZDM Awards Automotive Silver - 2015

Sovereign RPM: Rockstar Rewards

NZDM Awards Industry Silver - 2014

Wynyard Quarter

Webby Awards Nominee - 2015

Honda Pioneer: The Long Way

W3 Awards Gold - 2014

Harrison Grierson

W3 Awards Gold - 2014

Smith & Smith: Smash Hero

Communicator Awards Gold - 2012

Regal Salmon

Communicator Awards Gold - 2014

Much Moore Ice Cream Land

Communicator Awards Gold - 2011

Service Star

Communicator Awards Silver - 2011


Communicator Awards Silver - 2011

Bell Tea

W3 Awards Gold - 2010

Much Moore Ice Cream Land

W3 Awards Gold - 2010


W3 Awards Gold - 2010

Predict Weather

Adobe Site of the Day - 2005

Bell Tea

Adobe Site of the Day - 2003