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We believe in smart ideas that generate results. Bringing together strategy, technology, and design we create experiences that transform brands and grow businesses. 

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Here's a quick look at some of our latest work, tweets, and interesting snippets and articles.

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A life-size magical digital garden teeming with butterflies and plant life, where you can see your own butterfly creation come to life - created for Auckland Museum's Secret World of Butterflies exhibition.

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Article 23rd Mar 2018

What is it that connects people to place? - OFF GRID 2018

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Two in two months! Another FWA - this time for The Boy and the Lemon.

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Article 18th Mar 2018

The Boy and the Lemon features at NZ Festival, Wellington, 2018

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Case study: Auckland Virtual Tours

An augmented reality walking tour that takes the visitor on a journey around Bastion Point.

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QMS does VR