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Press Release: Method launches specialist augmented and virtual reality arm - M Theory

Auckland-based creative agency, Method, has launched M Theory - a specialist augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR) arm - to keep up with client demand and further invest in the technology.

Bite 25th Apr 2017

Sam and Euge are guest speakers at upcoming Screen Edge Forum


Virtual Reality for brands

Bite 26th Jan 2017

CSSDesignAwards names Method as finalist in DOTY


The complete guide to Virtual Reality

It's the BBC's complete guide to VR.


QMS does VR


How to stay real in a virtual world

This amazing $30b world is fantastic to be a part of, and you can do wonders for your brand when you keep it real for your audience.

Bite 19th Jan 2017

Method scoops 5 Awards at the VEGAs!


Newsroom features Method and Star Wars museum

Bite 16th Oct 2016

Born Fighters wins Bronze at Best Awards


It's the year for trends reports - here's ours

Seems like everyone’s publishing a Trends Report this year so we thought we’d play fortune teller as well and predict what that cookie holds for the year.


Silver at the NZDM Awards for our work for State!


Virtual and augmented reality - the next generation of storytelling

For countless millennia, in fact since the beginning of mankind we’ve been telling stories. Stories passed down from generations, from the believable to outlandish, fact to fiction. Mediums ranging from rudimentary drawings and campfire stories to books, radio, film, TV, gaming and now online. Stories are a fundamental part of our culture, they tell who we are and what makes us human.

Bite 3rd Sep 2016

One News covers AR/VR Garage


NZ Herald features Method - Top Tips for Small Business