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Method debuts augmented reality Great Indoor Easter Egg Hunt to keep kids engaged over Easter

With Easter weekend approaching in New Zealand as the entire nation stays home under a level four lockdown, it’s safe to say that this holiday won’t look like previous holidays.

Bite 19th Jul 2021

FWA Win for Postcards!


Your World Your Way selected for the Katoitoi Design Archives

Bite 23rd Jun 2021

Boss Ladies features MD Sam Ramlu


From impossible to possible: How Method is reimagining experiences using tech

Digital-led creative agency Method is doing things you could only imagine. Much like what Disney does with its Imagineering Team, Method is a New Zealand company that specialises in fusing storytelling with tech to create awe-inspiring experiences.


IFX Spotlight on Sam Ramlu



Here's our idea for the Idealog Wool Challenge where we were sent a box of very raw wool fibre and tasked with recreating an everyday object using wool.

Bite 3rd Jun 2021

Rewrite the past and reshape the future in Wanderer (VR game)


Companies from Netflix to Mastercard are rethinking how customers interact with their products.

Bite 20th May 2021

Game Studios make a stand at Auckland's Future, Now


Rules of engagement: Sam reflects on 15 years of digital storytelling

All we ever set out to do was to create a genuine connection, make digital the hero and make sure people realised the value and power technology could have in bringing stories to life.


Best of the Best - Ahi Ka Tours features in Idealog


AR and VR is the new reality for creating immersive experiences to share our culture and stories.

I was recently honoured to be invited to speak at the AIS Media Summit in New Delhi, India. The broadcasting industry is exploring new ways of sharing and telling stories...

Bite 16th Apr 2021

A big day with Wanderer's first trailer launch - Playstation Blog


We help launch Nespresso's 360 experience in NZ

Bite 30th Mar 2021

Dom Henshall moves to GM role


What is it that connects people to place? - OFF GRID 2018

With more and more people choosing to live in cities what makes cities experiential? OFF Grid explored the city through people, story, culture and brand, and asked…what is it that connects people to place?


Take a sneak peek at the Secret World of Butterflies exhibition


The Boy and the Lemon features at NZ Festival, Wellington, 2018

Method was invited to showcase our internationally renowned AR/VR experience – The Boy and the Lemon – at ProjectR, Wellingon during Aotearoa’s leading celebration of cutting-edge culture, NZ Festival 2018.

Bite 30th Oct 2020

Method wins at the Best Awards!


Idealog's Design Event features Sam Ramlu, Carin Wilson, Blunt Umbrellas and more

Bite 1st Jun 2020

Global campaign throws a lifeline for NZ screen production



Pushing the boundaries of traditional Maori tourism offerings, Ngati Whatua Orakei is embarking on a ground-breaking high-tech venture with the launch of an augmented reality (AR) walking tour of Takaparawhau, Bastion Point.


What's keeping Sam up at night?


Who you gonna call? Maybe me...

We try The Void Ghostbusters: Dimension in New York city.

Bite 12th May 2019

Dreams of a clean future to light up the Harbour Bridge


An FWA for our Virtual Tours app!

Bite 17th Sep 2018

Squawk's Journey launches for Conservation Week


NZ Children's story to feature at prestigious AR and VR festival in New York

Augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) retellings of James Hurman’s The Boy and the Lemon will be in the global spotlight at The Future of Storytelling, the world’s leading immersive storytelling event, held in New York in October.


MD Sam Ramlu on the all star panel at NZGDC


Tech for tech’s sake

Remember Pokemon GO? The success of this augmented reality juggernaut soon prompted requests for a similarly groundbreaking idea, which is a little like asking an author to write another Harry Potter, or suggest TVNZ whip up another Breaking Bad....

Bite 7th Sep 2018

Sustain-a-city game for WSP Opus is a hit


Virtual Reality for brands

Bite 15th Jun 2018

Secret life of butterflies: How Method helped Auckland Museum's exhibition soar


World-first Virtual Reality Personality Profiler developed by NZ agency

A world-first virtual reality experience to help prospective university students choose their course of study has been developed by Auckland-based virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) specialists M Theory for Torrens University Australia.


QMS does VR


Press Release: Method launches specialist augmented and virtual reality arm - M Theory

Auckland-based creative agency, Method, has launched M Theory - a specialist augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR) arm - to keep up with client demand and further invest in the technology.

Bite 26th Apr 2018

Insights from the Auckland Virtual Tours project features in FWA today


Newsroom features Method and Star Wars museum

Bite 9th Apr 2018

Two in two months! Another FWA - this time for The Boy and the Lemon.


The complete guide to Virtual Reality

It's the BBC's complete guide to VR.


Silver at the NZDM Awards for our work for State!


How to stay real in a virtual world

This amazing $30b world is fantastic to be a part of, and you can do wonders for your brand when you keep it real for your audience.

Bite 16th Jan 2018

One News covers our innovative new tourism app


NZ Herald features Method - Top Tips for Small Business

Bite 10th Jan 2018

The year that was and the years to come


It's the year for trends reports - here's ours

Seems like everyone’s publishing a Trends Report this year so we thought we’d play fortune teller as well and predict what that cookie holds for the year.


Secret Santa Service - it's that time of year again!


Virtual and augmented reality - the next generation of storytelling

For countless millennia, in fact since the beginning of mankind we’ve been telling stories. Stories passed down from generations, from the believable to outlandish, fact to fiction. Mediums ranging from rudimentary drawings and campfire stories to books, radio, film, TV, gaming and now online. Stories are a fundamental part of our culture, they tell who we are and what makes us human.

Bite 3rd Sep 2017

How VR is helping the next generation pick their future career path


Method feature in NZ Herald