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World-first Virtual Reality Personality Profiler developed by NZ agency

24th Aug 2017

‘The Future of You’ is a unique engagement tool which takes students on an interactive journey designed to help them determine their future career paths. In a fully immersive VR environment, students make a series of decisions to discover their unique personality profile, which in turn uncovers the courses of study that might suit them best.

Launched this month at Torrens University Open Days across Australia, ‘The Future of You’ features a virtual fortune-teller, developed using face mapping technology, who guides students through a series of questions and tests based on American psychologist John L Holland’s theory of career and vocational choice, The Holland Codes.

The Future of You

M Theory Managing Director Sam Ramlu says she is excited to offer visitors to the Open Days a world first – a VR experience to help inform decisions around their futures. “We’ve created a fun, interactive and meaningful experience, based on real principles, that will engage prospective students and help them apply what they’ve learned (or confirm what they already know) to their choices of career and course of study.”

The virtual environment within ‘The Future of You’ is beautiful and mysterious, with the landscape shifting and changing as the visitor completes each series of questions. Sound and visual cues enhance the experience and create an engaging and lasting memory. At the end of the journey, the fortune teller presents visitors with their personality type in tarot card format, a brief descriptor and suggested career paths best suited to this personality type. Actual tarot-styled cards provide a physical takeaway and detail their personality insights, potential career paths, and Torrens’ courses aligned to their results.


“This highly engaging and interactive experience is truly helping students make an informed decision. Using technology in such a relevant way really sets us apart and ensures our  students are kept up to date with the latest market trends. Most importantly, it’s giving students an opportunity to engage us in conversation about their career paths,” says Professor Justin Beilby, Vice Chancellor Torrens University Australia.

At the Torrens Open Days and industry-wide events, The Future of You experience operates on Samsung Gear VR headsets. It will also be delivered through schools via Cardboard VR headsets and will be available for public download from the Oculus store from October 2017.

‘The Future of You’ is not the agency’s first foray into VR for an educational institution. In 2015, they launched the first ever virtual reality experience linked with EEG brainwave-mapping technology for Auckland’s Unitec Institute of Technology

M Theory is the specialist AR and VR arm of leading creative innovations agency Method, based in Auckland, NZ. M Theory focuses on delivering interactive, immersive and awe-inspiring experiences through a range of AR and VR services. This includes 360 video post-production, 3D modelling and digital storytelling, along with computer-generated imagery, app and game development. One of the earliest adopters and practitioners in New Zealand’s AR and VR industry, Method has been producing cutting edge AR/VR projects for local and international clients for several years and the launch of M Theory has enabled the agency to increase its capacity and further invest in the technology.

Torrens University Australia offers a range of career-focused undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Business, Education, Hospitality, Design, Health, Project Management and Sports Management for study on-campus, online or a hybrid of both. Torrens University’s campuses can be found in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane, and is led by a team of research- and career-oriented academic staff who, combined with a carefully selected group of global industry partners, help students to bridge the gap between study and work. 

Torrens University Australia is part of the global Laureate International Universities network, with more than 1,000,000+ students at 70 institutions in 25 countries. One of these tertiary providers, Media Design School, is New Zealand’s most awarded tertiary institute for digital and creative technology qualifications. The Auckland-based school is currently ranked amongst the top ten schools in the world to provide VFX/Animation qualifications by The Rookies (2016), making it one of the best tertiary providers in its field globally.

The Holland Codes refer to a theory of career and vocational choice, based on research that shows personalities seek out and flourish in career environments they fit, and that jobs and career environments are classifiable by the personalities that flourish in them. Ref: