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12th May 2019

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"At Idealog, we regularly celebrate our design community's brilliance. Admittedly, we also get a twisted sort of pleasure out of making our annual design challenge harder and harder each year – but that’s because we want to ensure the community continues to think outside the box. Thanks to our friends at Icebreaker, we sent out a box of very raw wool fibre to some talented humans in a range of design disciplines and tasked them with recreating an everyday object using wool. Here’s what digital agency Method came up with – an interactive wallpaper, Woolpaper."

The idea for the wool challenge that everyone was drawn to was one where we could create woollen wall installations with embedded technology that enabled people to visualise scenes and stories. Storytelling through creative tech is key in what we do at Method and M Theory, so this felt like a natural winner.

The next challenge was, how on earth do we take raw wool and make it into the final product?

A few online videos later, we got our hands dirty by creating felt out of the wool. It was not quite as hard as we’d initially thought but still a little time consuming – we did have to cover a whole wall after all. We thought we did a pretty good job and our Woolpaper is now on display in our office for all to enjoy.

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