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It's the year for trends reports - here's ours

26th Feb 2016

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Seems like everyone’s publishing a Trends Report this year so we thought we’d play fortune teller as well and predict what that cookie holds for the year.

I’ll keep it short though - here’s what we think is on the up and some things that aren’t going to enjoy 2016 so much.

What’s going up

  • Reality – virtual, augmented, mixed – it’s all getting seriously real. And it’s something we’re really serious about.
  • Wearable tech and personal data – connecting to us on an emotional level – not just information for information’s sake.
  • Data privacy – inextricably linked to wearable tech. All that data that may not be as personal as you think. It’ll be interesting to see how this one pans out.
  • So much data…this year what’s big is the analysis and application of it all.
  • Connectability – the internet of things, all things.
  • Sustainability and how to create sustainable environments – living and working.
  • Automation – automated responses and actions.
  • AI – not to take over your job just yet but to make your job easier.
  • Storytelling, rich content and even richer experiences.
  • 360 video.

What’s coming down

  • Banner ads.
  • Digital marketing – as in the term – isn’t it all just “marketing”?
  • An app for this, that and the other…we think apps on their way down – not out, just more focussed and consolidated.
  • TV – in the traditional sense – this is a given and we’ve already seen it change so much, I think this year we’ll see whole audiences shift the way they view “TV”.
  • Trend reports?

Want the long version? We’re always happy to share our thinking and get your thoughts so drop us a line.