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M Theory - Method’s Augmented and Virtual Reality Production Arm

AR and VR can deliver a unique experience for a range of industries including film and entertainment, education, gaming, and tourism. It offers an interactive and immersive way to showcase your product or tell a story, while also giving you the opportunity to create experiences like no other to truly engage with your audience.

With a specialised team of strategists, creatives, storytellers, 3D artists, producers and developers M Theory will work with you to advise on and deliver your virtual or augmented experience – whether it’s a fully formed concept or simply a gem of an idea.

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We’ve got the expertise and knowledge to help make your project a reality. Talk to us about how we can help create an immersive and engaging experience for you.

Sam Ramlu

Managing Director
+64 21 605 510

Euge Eastlake

Creative Director
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