Method Studios

Unitec. Think. Do

October 2017


We were tasked with creating excitement around Unitec’s 2016 semester! It had to be fun, interactive and instil an important message – learning by doing is the best way of all.


Prove that learning hands-on works by teleporting people into an immersive Unitec experience and then measuring their brainwaves to measure engagement.

Participants got 'teleported' into three immersive curriculums offered at Unitec versus a traditional lecture.


With an awe-inspiring and interactive virtual reality experience, we really got into the minds of prospective Unitec students.

Participants donned a Samsung VR headset and were teleported into three immersive curriculums offered at Unitec - but not before being exposed to a traditional lecture.

NeuroSky (EEG brain mapping technology), linked to our interactive 3D VR worlds, measured their brain engagement to see when their minds lit up most - lecture or the interactive engagement. 

Whether they interacted within a giant size NZ forest, an out-of-this-world music studio or a hyper-real vehicle workshop, the results were clear. Everyone learned that hands-on learning engages the mind most, hands-down

In fact, we gave participants their results to see for themselves and share on Facebook. Brains were switching on all over the place.

Coupled with a microsite to help potential students find programme information and send qualified leads to the Unitec customer service team, the experience was a complete end to end solution. 

Our teaser video for the experience reached over 69,000 people and over 14,000 views


We conducted the experiment in a branded SpaceCube in the middle of Takutai Square in Britomart, and it was a resounding success. Some visitors were willing to queue for over 25 minutes to get their turn exploring the virtual worlds.

Our teaser video for the experience reached over 69,000 people and over 14,000 views. The average time spent in the experience came in at a whopping 10.5 minutes – and it would have been longer if the queues hadn’t been so long.

Video paid amplification via social and digital channels also performed exceptionally well with Facebook impressions at 779,000 and views over 86,000. Instagram shows in excess of 92,000 impressions, and Twitter at 60,000.


Over 10 mins

of user experience per user

50 hours

total in VR experience


video views in Facebook