Method Studios

The Future of you

August 2017

Torrens University

‘The Future of You’ is a unique engagement tool which takes students on an interactive virtual journey designed to help them determine their future career paths.


Picking what to study when you finish school is a daunting task for most, with a myriad of options and information at students’ fingertips. We worked with Torrens University to come up with a fun and engaging solution for their prospective students by using virtual reality. 'The Future of You' takes students on an interactive, fortune teller style journey through a series of personality-based questions that will help guide them towards a career path and course of study they're suited for. 

Our virtual fortune teller prompts students to answer questions that reveal their likely personality type.


We created an interactive virtual reality experience, delivered on Samsung Gear, which guides students through a series of questions, based on American psychologist John L Holland’s theory of careers and vocational choice, The Holland Codes. We achieved this by weaving in the story of a virtual fortune teller (using face-mapping technology) that guides you through the journey and prompts the student to answer the questions based on their gut instincts – all to reveal the student’s likely personality type.

The landscape shifts and changes through sound and visual cues, and at the end of the journey, the fortune teller presents a description of their personality type in a tarot card format, as well as suggested career paths best suited to this type of personality.

Physical tarot-styled cards are also handed out to participants, showing personality insights, potential career paths and the university courses that might match their results.

The technology was rolled out at Torrens University open days across Australia with a fantastic response from students and parents alike. 

A careers pack is also sent to schools with a custom designed cardboard VR headset for students to use with their own mobile devices.