Method Studios

The Boy and the Lemon Augmented and Virtual Reality

May 2017

The Boy and the Lemon is a children's story about luck. It's a mission to teach children life's most magical lesson: how to be lucky. We’ve made the story experience even more magic with augmented and virtual reality.


We wanted to bring the story of Jack to life and spread the message of luck even further. To attract an audience wider than our traditional readers we created augmented reality and virtual reality experiences for a more visual and magical engagement.

This project was created by our AR/VR arm M Theory 

The magical book delighting children all over the world

Our very own tale of luck

Developed by our AR/VR arm M Theory, the augmented and virtual reality experiences brings to life the charming story of Jack, a boy whose house is crushed by a giant lemon from outer space. A tale of luck teaching life’s most magical lesson – how to be lucky – Jack’s adventures are brought to life in a fully immersive virtual reality environment combining audio narrative and hand-painted pop-up style illustrations.

The Boy and the Lemon has proven it can create its own luck. The project was recommended to the Future of Storytelling festival organisers by Gabo Arora, previously Creative Director and Senior Advisor at the United Nations, and an award-winning filmmaker. Gabo experienced The Boy and the Lemon story in AR and VR earlier in 2017 when he was in Auckland for the Story Edge World Exhibition.

Since then we have been invited to exhibit at local and international events including Kea Inspire (Auckland), Teknopolis (New York), and the NZ Festival (Wellington) amongst others as well as the experiences being lauded as one of the most creative augmented reality story book experiences. 

Awarded an FWA on April 8th 2018.