Method Studios

QMS Commuter Network 360

April 2017

QMS 360 VR

QMS were about to launch new digital media sites as part of their Auckland Commuter Network. However, we had to change the outdated perceptions that media agencies held about the network. The success of the launch hinged on our ability to communicate to this very specific target audience. As the product was Auckland centric, how could we ensure maximum exposure across the country whilst also offering a real-time view of how the digital network engaged with their clients?


We wanted to use virtual reality (VR), to give agencies a real-life glimse into the 'everyday' scenes of downtown Britomart. To create an experience that was fun, memorable, and engaging - all with minimal commitment required from our already time-poor media agencies.

This project was created by our AR/VR arm M Theory

We created an experience that transported our audience right into the middle of the hustle and bustle of Britomart. 


360 video was used to capture key vantage points of The Commuter Network as well as footage over peak travel times. This brought to life the environment of the Network and displayed the volumes of commuter traffic engaging with the digital screens. A voiced narrative communicated key features, benefits and audience profile of the network while supporting integrated graphics on top of the 360 video to back up claims and adding further interest. 

But don't take our word for it - check out the video below!

Not only did we deliver an innovative experience, we also ensured the core message was communicated and retained. 


Media agencies believed the Auckland transport was used only by students or the older generation, something we proved to be untrue by using the QMS measurement tool, Datalab.

VR proved to create much higher levels of audience retention. Not only did we deliver an innovative experience, we also ensured the core message was communicated and retained.

Sales of the network have remained at minimum 85% occupancy since the launch, unheard of with a new product that was initially met with hesitancy.

We engaged directly with media agency clients and ensured immediate understanding of the product & challenge perceptions. The VR experience was a hit with agencies and the launch, delivered via a roadshow across NZ, was a huge success.