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Born Fighters

November 2018

Heart Kids NZ

Our objectives were to drive brand awareness and generosity for the 2015 Heart Kids NZ August Appeal Month.


Show Kiwis the unfathomable resilience of Heart Kids with a fully integrated message including video across multiple channels.

A powerful mobile-optimised website allowed us to hit multiple objectives


“Born Fighters” told the tales of three Heart Kids with incredible fighting spirit. There was the Born Fighter, Born Warrior and Born Soldier – three brave little Kiwis at the heart of our high impact campaign.

A powerful mobile-optimised website served as the campaign epicentre. It allowed us to hit multiple objectives by housing the heart-moving stories of our fighters as well as the Heart Kids NZ narrative. 

Each story finished with one of three calls to act generously – donate online, text an instant donation or buy a Mr Vintage charity T-shirt. The site also housed the campaign video featuring a father’s emotional account of his little fighter’s journey – a crucial mechanism in delivering an emotive and share-worthy message.

The rich campaign imagery was splashed across traditional bus sides, billstickers and digital screens. We supplemented it with various online placement and a social media promo kit distributed to Heart Kids corporate supporters including the BLACKCAPS. Key influencers in the media were urged to spread the message via social channels, and we set the Sky Tower ablaze in red light over Auckland city with a special SKYCITY switch on ceremony.

Born Fighters was a media darling and a resounding success


Born Fighters got mind-blowing traction in the media and landed highly coveted real estate on pages 1 and 3 of the NZ Herald. The SKYCITY switch on ceremony was widely reported on national online news sources and parlayed into a TV spot on Good Morning. The powerful imagery produced leads for online placement, including a full site takeover of the M+AD site, spots in numerous eDMs and social media posts by publishers and influencers.

It was thrilling to see Heart Kids media show up on sponsor websites and social, with the design team responsive to the needs of each placement to make sure the branding of the campaign stayed consistent.

We loved pairing with Mr Vintage on the T-shirts, too. It gave the campaign a unique and lasting way for people to contribute to the appeal, with Kiwi cricket legends the BLACKCAPS donning the T-shirts and posting online via official channels. Sweet as.

The accolades came in, too. Heart Kids was recognized by various international award sites – like FWA and Awwward –  and featured on multiple blogs across the web.


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