William Whitney Talman, Jr. (February 4, 1915 – August 30, 1968) was an American television and movie actor, best known for playing Los Angeles District Attorney Hamilton Burger in the long-running series Perry Mason. But that will be difficult.Britt rides into a nearby town and announced to the people that he rides with Race Fallon. The short film began with the words, "Before I die, I want to do what I can to leave a world free of cancer for my six children... "Talman requested that the commercial not be aired until after his death. Within a few years she had resumed smoking, and her cause of death was also lung cancer.[13]. A life­long heavy smoker, he was di­ag­nosed with lung can­cer, and knew he was dying when he filmed the commercial. Talman began his acting career on the stage. The Case of the Black Cat (starring Ricardo Cortez) was the only one not adapted from the books. Check out what we'll be watching in 2021. He appeared on Broadway in Beverly Hills, Spring Again and A Young Man's Fancy, and toured with the road companies of Yokel Boy and Of Mice and Men.[2]. 0 Comments; All lists. "[6], Talman, as Burger, went on to lose all but three cases in the nine-year series, including a record two separate murder trials in the final episode. Corey Allen 1 episode. (12 Oct 1963). Search for "Legends Don't Sleep" on Amazon.com, Title: "The First TV Series (1957–1966); Index of Perry Mason Actors". Sorry! After college, he worked in summer stock and at an iron foundry, paper mills, boat yards, and as an automobile salesman. He is on his way home when he runs a young buck named Britt. I've got lung cancer…So take some advice about smoking and losing from someone who's been doing both for years … If you don't smoke, don't start. Britt asks if he could ride along with him as he returns home.Race rides up to a farm house that is occupied by his Aunt Jen. Written by In the 1952 film Beware, My Lovely, in which Ida Lupino played a war widow terrorized by a madman in her home, a photograph of Talman was used for the picture of her late, heroic husband. Festus: Ken Curtis. He continued to act at Dartmouth College and the University of Michigan. The Wild Wild West. While the radio series had relatively few recurring supporting characters, and those roles were often shared, the following actors played recurring roles with comparative consistency, in addition to a variety of one-time roles Biography: A supporting actor, onscreen from the late '40s, he often played tough guys. Sheriff's deputies, suspicious of marijuana use, raided a party on March 13, 1960, in a private home in Beverly Hills at which Talman was a guest. The stories take place in and around Dodge City, Kansas, during the settlement of the American West. Race Fallon an notorious aging outlaw has just been released from prison after serving five years. Race is tired and just wants to live out the remaining time as a farmer. Use the HTML below. As a matter of fact, Burger in a good many instances has joined Mason in action against unethical attorneys, lying witnesses, or any one else obstructing justice. Race wants only to hang up his gun forever and tend the ranch of his sweet old Aunt Jen. Dragnet. Add. After the 1966 cancellation of Perry Mason, Talman appeared on The Wild, Wild West and in a first-season episode of The Invaders, "Quantity: Unknown." According to The CBS Video Library, Loretta Swit's appearance on the Gunsmoke episode The Pack Rat 'virtually launched her career' and thus her role as hotlips on M*A*S*H. This character, according to the man behind the pig, Frank Oz, was the motivation for Miss Piggy's character. Myrna Fahey 1 episode. Gunsmoke. His maternal grandparents, Catherine Gandy and James Wells Barber, were immigrants from England.[1]. All were arrested for possession of marijuana (which was later dropped) and lewd vagrancy, but municipal judge Adolph Alexander dismissed the lewd vagrancy charges against Talman and the others on June 17 for lack of proof. It was the series' third year after switching from a half-hour Western drama to an hour one and, it might be said, the one season where all of Gunsmoke's stars were in alignment.This was co-star Dennis Weaver's last season as Chester Goode, Marshal Matt Dillon's (James Arness) assistant.