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Method VR – Virtual and Augmented Reality Experiences

With over 13 years in the digital, interactive and new technology space, we’ve been developing and prototyping virtual reality experiences since its infancy and launched the first interactive VR experience in NZ in 2015.

We’re working with brands and agencies to bring stories to life using virtual and augmented reality and 360 video. We’re at the forefront of the technology and are part of the newly formed AR/VR garage – a specialised AR and VR development facility – setting New Zealand to become one of the world leaders in this space.

Interactive, immersive, engaging and aWe-inspiring

VR and AR can deliver a unique experience for a range of industries including education, health and medicine, gaming, tourism, film and entertainment, architecture and development. It offers marketers an interactive and immersive way to showcase their product or tell a brand story, and gives event managers the opportunity to create experiences like no other to truly engage with their audience.

With a specialised team of strategists, creatives, storytellers, 3D artists, producers and developers we’ll work with you to advise on and deliver your virtual or augmented experience – whether it’s a fully formed concept or simply a gem of an idea.

View our Unitec Case Study where we used virtual reality and brainwave sensors to help launch their Think. Do campaign.

We’ve got the expertise and knowledge to help make your project a reality. Talk to us about how we can help create an immersive and engaging experience for you.

Sam Ramlu

Managing Director
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Euge Eastlake

Creative Director
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