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New Zealand Post: Write to Santa

October 2016

New Zealand Post: Write to Santa

Kiwi kids love writing letters to Santa at Christmas time, and for the last 18 years NZ Post had been replying to these letters with a generic response back.


NZ Post know that children are digital natives, so it made sense to take the ability to write to Santa online. We wanted to add some real magic to the original experience by delivering a personalised response from Santa!

We wanted to create a place where children could get immersed in the magic of Christmas and 'talk' to Santa.


To achieve this and to help Santa write thousands of personal responses, we needed to create a digital environment where children felt comfortable writing their personal letter to Santa and one where they were invested in and entertained by the journey.

And so was born – an interactive microsite where children could not only write to Santa, but design their very own postcard for him as well.

The aim was to give the kids (and parents) a fully immersive experience that was appropriate for their age and our digital-first world.

The user journey was simple and the creative visually appealing to children aged 3-10. Three postcard scenes were created for kids to choose from which they could then personalise by dragging and dropping different Christmas themed items onto.

Once they pressed “Send to the North Pole”, we took care of the rest and, through the magic of Christmas (and a little help from our hyper personalised database), delivered them Santa’s response – a virtual or physical postcard with the same scene they chose and a personalised message – unique to every single child.

We created a fun, eye-catching and interactive website which was designed with kids at the heart of
the user journey.


The site was a huge success with over 22,000 personalised postcards created by kids around New Zealand and a total of 75,000 letters and postcards combined, more than ever before!

The use of subtle animations and playful transitions throughout the journey gave the site a little bit of magic which of course was available across all device types.

For NZ Post, the Write to Santa campaign delivered on all of its objectives, and was so successful that they will now use the site as a core part of their Christmas digital marketing strategy each year.

Not only was it a success for the client, kids and parents also loved discovering a new way to write to Santa. Kids were excited and when individual cards were compared their reactions said it all.

Children could easily navigate their way through the website and have a lot of fun using their creative skills. The personalisation was unique to every single kid and made each feel special. Parents were also quick to share their stories - emailing and posting on social media numerous messages, emails, letters, and pictures.


Postcards Created

Over 22,000

Wishlist winner

A big bag of lollies was the most popullar item on the wishlist!

Naughty or Nice

91% of kids said they had been 'Nice'!