Sir, I am a Khajuria Brahmin I was told by my Grandfather that we migrated from Datarpur(Pb) to vill. Himachal Pradeshजम्मू में एक छोटा गाओ duggar है क्या आप जानते हैं आज भी हैं Please share karo(2) कोई यह पता बता सकता है की(3) डोगरा ब्राह्मण ki सती माता मंदर कहा पर स्थित है Please share karoMy Email ID:kuldeepsharma423@gmail.comMobile:8527085781, Mera naam Naresh Mohan hai. I m padyad brahmin from hiranagar, my gotra is bharadwaj, does anybody know where our kuldevtas are, I found many other padyad brahmins wuth different gotras, can we have same kuldevta with different gotras, plzz rply if anybody knows. dheeraj Origin / Usage is ' Hindi Baby Names ' . shakargarh. of j & k. My grandfathers name was pandit mulkh raj dogra, may be you can find out from elders in your family if that rings a bell. I'm Raina from Jammu. The name Dhiraj is in the following categories: Hindi Names, Hindu Names, Indian Names, Sanskrit Names. Congregation and Kuldevi or devta are decided by community itself. In what category does Saroch caste fall?? Aapko sab mil jaygi. Accessibility Help. Sir , i am vivek gautam from a brahmin family . perhaps from Jammu, Kathua and Kangra, Dehradun Uttrankhand. (52,899) Sir we are Dogra brhamins. III. I am khajuria our kul devta is Kali veer !! 10 years ago. Many of the modern surnames in the dictionary can be traced back to Britain and Ireland. sir,mera rahul giri hai,kya hum brahmin hai ya nahi.. We are a family of basnotre .kindly arrange me the address and thr contact no.of our jathere. Biradti gate will come on right side 8 km before samba.2. Char ji Brahmins mostly are Gaud Brahmins hence may not in this group of Saraswat Brahmins. We are farmers we have ancestral land !! My got is vashist and our kuldevi is chichi devi in Samba dist. There is no discrimination of upper or lower caste. We are Poonchia Brahmin not Dogra Brahmin...We are from The Clan of warrior race...our caste's are SASAN,Suden,Rein,Ranyal,Issar,Tara, Bhagnal,Uttàmdyal,.....etc. -Kathua) . I want to k on who is our Kul Devta. It is said that they come from mehtas only but 1 din jammu par raj krne ko mila tha isly tb se rajmehta ho gye. Bansals are Baniyaa'z. Don't know our kul devta,our gotra is shandlya please advise., sir Dogra sc h ya obc or ye konci caste h ,please tell me obc me ate h kya himachal pardesh k log ,dogra is in which caste sc obc or gen please tell me. Dear Dheeraj Ji, Hi, First of all Thanks for the Information. Anyone plz tell me about the vasistha gotra, in which class and origin the vasistha gotra exist. sir please tell me verma who are sunar comes under which category. com (Space hata dena) Jai Shri Ram. The meaning of this surname is not listed. The Jammu and Kashmir have good number of Mohiyal, many of them are Sikhs. They are in predominant number in Jammu region.Some of them may have migrated to Punjab and from Punjab to else where as in your case.Regarding their origin there are more than one stories, some believe they came from Khajure Van on the banks of Saraswati river hence called Khjuria Brahmins. For other possible spellings of this surname click here. Dogra is a Indo-Aryan ethnic group or community which contains all of the castes (gen ,sc,st,obc). This name is especially approved for 'Boys' Gender.The lucky number for dheeraj is 'dheeraj lucky number is 6'. T D Dogra ji muje badi sharam k sath likhna pad raha hai ki Brahmno ko be aapne classes (Upper class/Middle Class/Lower class) main bant rakha hai. Classification is biased to promote geo-specific clans by creating the order mentioned in the website. Udhampur, Jammu & Kashmir, Please anyone tell me about Barswal/Bersal/Bersal/Beersal or Veersal Brahmans. hello i am also khajuria brahmin with gotra upmanyu. Dear Raman,I am thinking since long of finding out of the origin of the Dogra Brahmin caste style as they have very peculiar style. Parshuram Ji Jayanti shall be celebrated on 2nd Sunday of May 2017. Brahmin Sabha J&K, HQ-Bain Venisungam(Chenani) has fixed the date of Annual Maha Mail of All Brahmin Bradries as 2nd Sunday of November every year. Dheeraj genealogy and family history facts. Best surnames, most popular last names with name Dheeraj. 0 0. stabile. I m dogra Brahmin can u plz tell me our kul devta and kul devi. DHEERAJ is ranked as the 19130th most popular given name in the United States with an estimated population of 297. But it seems you may be in middle class saraswat brahmin. People with surname "Bansal" belong to which caste? The name statistics are still in development, sign up for information on more maps and data. Dheeraj Kumar (cricketer, born 1999) 2020 Georgia's 1st congressional district election; First inauguration of Joe Biden; 1880 United States House of Representatives election in Arizona Territory ; Brad Thomas (politician) Filipino Mestizo. i also dont know about our kuldevi.but my grandmother told that in bage e bahu there is written on the board khajure dogra ki kulz .and alo there is a temle at bage e bahu of bawe wali maaor mahakali maa. Hloo kya mujhe ye bta skte h ki , goswami bahraman hote h kya??? Bilaloch Brahmin, Can you explain their origin, i am Sargoch brahman which is not enterned in your list.....सुदेश भारती शर्मा परशुराम युवा दल ऊधम्पुर 9419161845. Which category do they belong???? In himachal their Kuldevi is Jwala ji and Kul Devta is NAG near Jwalaji. Our Kul devi is in Rai Sujani, kindly enlighten on origin of our ancestors.Regards. Its most attractive baby name & pronunciation is also simple .The meaning of dheeraj is 'Patience, Consolation.' I mean in Jammu, All activities/functions can be seen on below noted site"Www.Brahmin Sabha J&". Meaning of Name Dheeraj: Information on origin, gender, religion, nicknames and meaning of Dheeraj. A user from India says the name Dheeraj means "Brave person". Ramgharia's Surname List... A *Ahdi * Arrii * Assi B * Babra * Bachu * Bansal * Bahra * Bamrah * Bara * Barhey * Bari * Baharha * Bhachu * Bhachoo *... Jump to. Dheeraj Samrat Reddy is an Indian model and an actor who mainly works for the Telugu Film Industry.. Now he is going to enter the controversial house of ‘Bigg Boss Telugu 2’ as a contestant.Check out Samrat Reddy Wiki, Height, Weight, Age, Girlfriend, Wife, Caste, Family, Biography & More. I run a news portal website and a daily english and hindi newspaper. I actually wants to know that what is the difference between bhardwaj and rattan bhardwaj. dheeraj in Hindi Language written like धीरज. Email or Phone: Password: Forgot account? And Some areas from Gurdaspur and Pathankot. Whatsoever casts I have I take pride of that yes we should be proud of our being and So proudly say your caste and take pride in you caste which eill not come without knowing ancestors........ Sir my name is manik dogra and presntly we are living in himachal pradesh in kangra ( Dehra). Most common surnames with name Dheeraj Favourite answer. Further information may be obtained by. So all brahmins can write Sharma irrespective of group or clan or caste. Baba Paid g, Nagrota Jammu.3. surname in the World. Historically, surnames evolved as a way to sort people into groups - by occupation, place of origin, clan affiliation, patronage, parentage, adoption, and even physical characteristics (like red hair). Hamara pandit Haridwar mey hai, aur pichli 6 peediyon ki jaankari dey chuka hai mujhay, gotra toe choti baat hai. She came to prominence after starring in a series of Glow & Lovely commercials. All the brahmin Bradries, all the Sabha members of Dogra Brahmin Pratinidhi Sabha, Brahmin Sabha Udhampur, Kathua, Reasi, Doda, Poonch, Rajouri, Kashmir,Ladakh, Jammu r most welcome in maha mail. Are we sarswat brahmin? Names Similar to Dheeraj. Why Magotra is not included in the list?? Rg. quite informative will you be able to inform the origin and native villages of samnotre Brahminsraman.samnohtra@gmail.com07798917514. In this case, there is one, the Moon and The word "Chandra" is also a common Indian name and surname. So all should be aware of this thing.... Sir,My forefathers were native of BASOHALI ( Distt. It also occurs in Kuwait, where 7 percent are found and Pakistan, where 2 percent are found. This name is most often used as a first name, 100% of the time. We are generally attracted towards army or police !! NOTE: KHAJURE ARE NOW CALLED KHAJURIA AND JHANGOTRA AS CHANGOTRA, LIKE THAT MANY OTHER TITLE MAY HAVE CHANGED AND MANY NEW SUB-CASTE'S MAY HAVE APPEARED AS SUB-CLASSIFICATIONS OF ABOVE CASTE'S.MOST OF DOGRA BRAHMINMS ARE SARASWAT BRAHMIN'S. LOWER CLASSES (38) Sudan, (39) Sukhe, (40) Bhure, (41) Chandan, (42) Jalotre,(43) Nabhotre, (44) Khadotre, (45) Sagdol, (46) Bhuriye,(47) Baganachhal, (48) Rajuliye, (49) Sangde, (50) Munde,(51) Surnachal, (52) Ladhanjan, (53) Jakhotre, (54) Lakhanpal,(55) Gauda Purohita, (56) Shashgotre, (57) Khanotre,(58) Garoch, (59) Marotre, (60) Upadhe, (61) Khindhaiye Padhe,(62) Kalandari, (63) Jarad, (64) Udihal, (65) Ghode,(66) Basnotre, (67) Barat, (68) Chargat, (69) Lavanthe,(70) Bharangol, (71) Jaranghal, (72) Guhaliye, (73) Dhariancha,(74) Pindhad, (75) Rajuniye, (76) Badakulive, (77) Sirkhandiye,(78) Kirpad, (79) Balli, (80) Salurn, (81) Ratanpal, (82) Banotre,(83) Yantradhari, (84) Dadorich, (85) Bhaloch, (86) Chhachhiale,(87) Jhangotre, (88) Magdol, (89) Phaunphan, (90) Saroch,(91) Gudde, (92) Kirle, (93) Mansotre, (94) Thammotre,(95) Thanmath, (96) Bramiye, (97) Kundan, (98) Gokuliye Gosain,(99) Chakotre, (100) Rod, (101) Bargotre, (102) Kavde,(103) Magdiyaliye, (104) Mathar, (105) Mahijiye, (106) Thakure Purohita,(107) Galhal, (108) Cham, (109) Rod, (110) Labhotre, (111) Redathiye,(112) Patal, (113) Kamaniye, (114) Gandhargal, (115) Prithvipal,(116) Madhotre, (117) Kambo, (118) Sarmayi, (119) Bachhal,(120) Makhotre, (121) Jad, (122) Batialiye, (123) Kudidab,(124) Jambe, (125) Karanathiye, (126) Suthade, (127) Sigad,(128) Garadiye, (129) Machhar, (130) Baghotre, (131) Sainhasan,(132) Utriyal, (133) Suhandiye, (134) Jhindhad, (135) Battal,(136) Bhainkhare, (137) Bisgotre, (138) Jhalu, (139) Dabb,(140) Bhuta, (141) Kathialu, (142) Paladhu, (143) Paladhu,(144) Jakhotre, (145) Pange, (146) Solhe, (147) Suguniye,(148) Sanhoch, (149) Duhal, (150) Bando, (151) Kanungo,(152) Jhavdu, (153) Jhaphacu, (154) Kaliye, (155) Khaphankho.