However, tooth loss for adult cats in general is a sign of imbalance in their body. I was worried then, but I thought she would be fine since she still had her other teeth to chew with. They are also slightly translucent in color because the tooth tissue has a lower density. Many pet owners neglect the oral hygiene of their cats. It is not uncommon for a cat to lose 1 or 2 permanent teeth during their adult life. My vet in the UK couldn't see if the whole tooth is gone as the gum has closed over where the tooth was, so he booked him in for a general anesthetic to see if the root is still there and (I think) extract if it is. In advanced cases of periodontal disease, the gums loosen and teeth may become loose eventually causing them to fall out. There are different types of tooth luxation -- the clinical term that is given for a dislocation of the tooth from its normal spot in the mouth. The mutation can be vertical (downward) or lateral (on either side). Hello! When Do Cats Lose Baby Teeth? Nothing. My cat recently lost his upper left canine tooth (I'm not sure how, perhaps in a fight). Now I've discovered that she lost her other fang and has only her small front teeth and far back teeth. If it’s a kitten simply loosing her baby teeth. I have just noticed that my cat, Hazel, has lost her front left upper canine tooth. The tooth will come out on its own during play. The deciduous teeth are small enough to fit the kitten’s mouth, and fairly fragile compared with adult cat teeth. Species:Cat Age:12-13 Sex/Neuter status:Female/Spayed Breed:Short haired black Body weight:12 lbs History:slightly overweight but generally healthy, declawed Clinical signs:Lost lower canine tooth Duration:today Your general location:Iowa. Tooth Luxation or Avulsion in Cats. I first noticed the tooth when I saw the cat sleeping. My cat is 14 years old and lost one of her fangs about a year ago. In vertical luxation, the tooth may move up (intrusion) or down (extrusion) in its bony socket. As you can see in the picture taken after Sissy was under general anesthesia, the lower right canine tooth (even in cats it is called a canine tooth) is fractured near the tip. He is an adult male, approximately 9 years. While feline tooth loss is common, it's not normal. My cat, Potato, lost her canine tooth last night. This can lead to the accumulation of tartar and can make it difficult to tell whether they have lost a tooth. I called the vet to get an antibiotic to prevent infection and she is telling me that she will have to have dental surgery. Something white was hanging out of her mouth. Many cats lose a tooth or two over the course of their lives. Cats begin losing their baby teeth at around 12 weeks or 3 months. A tooth fracture in a dog or cat can be complicated or uncomplicated. It's the result of injury or infection. She is an active outdoor cat, just coming up 7 years old, who hunts daily and often gets into scraps - … It may get stuck in a toy or (more likely) kitten will swallow it. It seems to be sliced/broken off - the root and stub of the tooth is still there. If your adult cat has a decidedly gap-toothed smile -- in other words, he's lost some chompers -- he's not alone. A common cause of tooth loss in canines is due to diseased teeth and gums. It won’t hurt her at all.