We have the best Cotton Candy flavored vape juice made from the best brands of Cotton Candy flavor e liquids. It mashes together cotton candy, Bomb Pops and vanilla ice cream, leaving your tongue salivating for more. Ingredients: Propylene Glycol(Used as a carrier to dissolve flavour ingredients), Water. The 3 MG of nicotine gives the liquid a dark yellow color and the consistency of the juice is slightly thick but not sludgy. Carnival Juice Roll Upz’s Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy. https://wizardlabs.us/blue-raspberry-cotton-candy-flavor-concentrate-by-cap-4oz Description Blue Steel Vape Juice Swagg Sauce Blue Steel Ejuice Review. I began with using 10%CC then started cutting in half, then half again and still ended up with YUK syrup. 3. Cheap Juice has Cotton Candy by Mr. Salt-E available in 30mL bottles and in these nicotine strengths: 45mg *Do NOT use in sub-ohm vape tanks. weemanstew76. grade 0 group 0. Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy . Blue Steel Vape Juice by Swagg Sauce is the typical carnival treat of blue raspberry cotton candy.This irresistible fluffy candied vape juice gives you a child like feel putting you in a sweet bitter haze spoiling those sugar crazed flavor hoggers on your tongue. https://cheapjuice.com/products/blue-raspberry-cotton-candy 20/80. Bring the circus to your town with this real performer! Bubba Jug Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy 120ML is a powdered blue raspberry cotton candy bubble gum flavor. Try our blue raspberry cotton candy e-liquid to brighten your day. Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy. TheEcig.com's Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy E-liquid is a freshly spun cloud of deliciously tart, perfectly sweet, that will dissolve in your mouth. Laser Raptor by Fog Chaser Vapes is an intense combination of 3 delicacies. Cotton Candy by Mr. Salt-E E-Juices is a vape juice that invokes a nostalgia in everybody! 0 mg. PG/VG. Testing: CAP Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy@ 4%, 60/40 VG/PG, Steeped 22 days. I mixed a 30ml batch of 5% CAP BRCC, 2.4mg/Ml 88/12 vg/pg, mix date 12/9/15. Percentages in recipes. https://vprocity.com/products/bubba-jug-blue-raspberry-cotton-candy-120ml The everlasting memories of Carnival fun food fluffy cotton candy, without it sticking to your teeth. Capella Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy 10mlKék Málna Vattacukor ízű aromaAroma eliquid készítéséhez.Az aromát ne használja önmagában e-liquid utántöltőként, javasoljuk propilen glikollal és/vagy glicerinnel való hígítását. We carry a wide variety of Cotton Candy flavored e juice liquid for sale at great cheap prices. 14 days. Blue raspberry cotton candy e juice recipe diy blue raspberry cotton candy e juice by bubba jug review ejuice cafe blue raspberry cotton candy e juice recipe diy blue cotton e juice vapor vapes. Well, I had needed something quick, and remembering that Cotton Candy is basically just EM, and figuring Blue Raspberry is an artificial flavor with no natural analog, that this would be a no-brainer shake and vape and it might not be great but It would be fine. https://www.zamplebox.com/e-juice/plume-st-blue-raspberry-cotton-candy share. Also make sure to checkout last week's thread for inspiration or to follow up on a mix that turned out even better after a week of steeping! 7% TFA "Blueberry Extra" 5% FlavourArt Raspberry 4% Cotton Candy (this came from Health Cabin a long time ago, but I think any brand will do -- it is just a great sweetener) Flavor Description: ... e-Liquid Recipes and All The Flavors. We recommend mixing Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy with other berry flavors for a truly outstanding flavor. With its complex array of rich berry flavors, Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth, adding a mildly tangy flavor. https://ejuicecafe.com/blue-raspberry-cotton-candy-e-juice-bubba-jug-review/fix 100 ml. assignment Recipes opacity Flavors local_pizza Tastes domain Manufacturers store_mall_directory Places. Strength. Blended 30%PG /70%VG On the exhale, the blue cotton candy flavor pleases your sweet tooth. The flavor actually comes in an adorable little jug, and includes a slim pen fill-up that makes it extremely convenient to take this flavor on the go. 18 ml (18%) Steeping. Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy E-Juice. help_outline Help. 2018-11-07. I've posted this recipe before but my wife has been solely vaping cotton candy juice for the last 3 years. Average mixing quantity: 5.9% (Median: 5%) If you do want to try a premium version of the product above, then Carnival Juice Roll Upz’s Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy vape juice is the one for you. Blue Raspberry is a very interesting blend of a summer favorite and a popular candy flavor. In fact, I like it better than the High Caliber Blue Raspberry, but remember that taste is subjective, but I think you can work it to how you might light it! Find More Cotton Candy E-Liquid Flavors. It’s available up to 6mg and is targeted more for the high wattage users and those who like to cloud chase. Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy E Juice Recipe Diy Sweet, fruity, and candy-like, Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy will take your fruit-flavored DIY recipe to the next level. Keverés után és használat előtt … -on day 1-2, its simply a plain cotton candy/EM vape,-on day 5 it becomes more of a light blue raspberry cotton candy with a slight tart aftertaste at 10% & 15% with max vg,-on day 10 the BR got muted and mix tasted like a blah light sweet & sour type mix. The first was a vendor cotton candy then I tried to mix CC juice but ended up with nothing short of a sickly syrup that tasted like crap. 82 ml (82%) Flavor total. https://eliquidnicotine.co.uk/shop/blue-raspberry-cotton-candy-capella-diy It features cotton candy with strong hints of blue raspberry and lemonade to make your mouth water in between each vape. Base total. https://ejuicecafe.com/blue-raspberry-cotton-candy-e-juice-bubba-jug-review Ratio: VG 70% / PG 30% favorite_border 2. call_split Fork. Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy E Juice Recipe. Juice Roll Upz Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy vape juice will enlighten the taste buds just like when you were a kid.